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Posted By: Senoufou
17-Jan-17 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Subject: RE: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Howard Jones, I do like that article you posted very much indeed. And I particularly liked the line that says going by all the racist accusations, one would think Border Morris is '... the arts and crafts wing of the British Nationalist Party.' Brilliant!

The point of the article is very true, that by banning black-face one is denying people the right to present themselves as they see fit for their tradition, and would engender resentment and ill-feeling which would be counter-productive to good relations and tolerance between the many different cultures here in UK.

We actually have a fabulous, rich mix of loads of interesting cultural traditions here, and far from accusing each other of racism, we should be celebrating our luck in having all this diversity. I actually wonder if there is any country in the world with such a wonderfully wide selection of folk dance, song, costume and art?