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Thread Name: Origins: Died for Love: Sources and variants
Subject: RE: Origins: Died for Love: Sources and variants

I've put some of the UK versions. If you have a version not listed here please let me know or put it on this thread. To look at individual versions:

I want to thank everyone who's posted versions, they are included on my site, Here's the list so far:

British & Other Versions 7. Died For Love

    Wild Rover (Rambling Boy)- Musical Com (Lon) 1765
    The Irish Boy- Elizabeth St. Clair (Edin) c. 1770
    A New Love Song- (Dub) Corcoran broadside c1774
    Lady's Lamentation- broadside (Manch) c.1775
    The Effects of Love- (Lon) broadside BL, c.1780
    The Distress'd Maid- (Lon) Madden broadside c.1785
    Cruel Father or Deceived Maid- (Lon) Madden c.1790
    Rambling Boy- (Limer) chapbook Groggin, 1790
    Rambling Boy- (Glas) chapbook, 1790
    The Maid's Tragedy- (Lon) St. Bride's PL c.1790
    Rambling Boy- (Glas) Robertson chapbook, 1799
    Answer to Rambling Boy- (Glas) chapbook, 1799
    Squire's Daughter- (Manch) Shelmerdine c.1800
    The Rambling Boy- (Lon) Pitts broadside c. 1806
    Faithful Shepherd- John Clare (Northamp) c.1818
    Queen of Hearts- (Lon) Pitts broadside c.1820
    Rambling Boy- (Manch) broadside, c.1830
    Queen of Hearts- (Birm) Wright broadside c.1833
    Brisk Young Sailor- (Birm) W. Pratt; c.1850
    The Darling Rose- (Glas) Poet's Box broadside 1851
    Brisk Young Sailor- (Manch) Bebbington c.1855
    The Irish Boy- (Glas) Poet's Box broadside, 1872
    Sweet William- Mrs. Hughes (Here) 1875 Leather
    Brisk Young Sailor- S. Lovell (Wales) Groome 1881
    Sailor Boy- Georgina Reid (Aber) c.1882 Duncan C
    There is an Alehouse- W.H Lunt (Liv) 1882 Kidson
    There's An Alehouse- H. Collins (Cam) 1886 Bull
    There is An Alehouse- H. Collins (Cam) 1886 Bull-2
    Brisk Young Miner- J. Parsons (Lew Down) 1888 B-G
    Love Is Hot- J. Parsons (Dev) 1888 Baring-Gould B
    True Love Once Courted Me- Halliday (York) 1891
    There Is An Alehouse- Holgate (Leeds) 1891 Kidson
    Rich Young Farmer- Lolley (Riding) 1891 Kidson C
    There Is A Bird- Lolley (E. Riding) 1891 Kidson D
    Brisk Young Miner- S. Fone (Dev) 1893 Baring-Gould
    Queen of Hearts- navvy worker (Dev) B.-Gould 1894
    Brisk Young Miner- Woodrich (Dev) 1896 Bar-Gould
    There is a House- (UK)1896 English Dialect Society
    Down in the Meadows- White (Som) 1903 Sharp
    Brisk Young Sailor- Emma Overd (Som) 1904 Sharp
    Brisk Young Sailor- W. Spearman (Som) 1904 Sharp
    Brisk Young Farmer- Bowes (York) 1904 V. Williams
    Bold Young Farmer- Denny (Essex) 1904 V. Williams
    In Jessie's City- from maid (Essex) 1905 Williams
    In Yorkshire Park- R. Barratt (Dor) 1905 Hammond
    Bold Young Sailor- Anderson (Lon) 1905 V. Williams
    There Was Three Worms- Bartlett (Dorset) 1905
    I Wish I Wish- Lucy White (Som) 1905 Sharp MS
    Apron Strings- John Collinson (West) 1905 Grainger
    Brave Young Sailor- Gulliver (Som) 1905 Hammond
    Died for Love- James Brown (Hamp) 1906 Gardiner
    There Is An Ale-House: Clark (Linc) 1906 Grainger
    Died for Love- Joseph Taylor (Linc) 1906 Grainger
    Brisk Young Sailor- Thomas Colcombe (Here) 1906
    The Alehouse- Henry Way (Dors) 1906 Hammond
    I Wish Ma Baby- Gouldthorpe (Linc) 1906 Grainger
    Gin my Bonnie Babe- G. Riddell (Aber) 1906 Greig E
    I Wish, I Wish- A. Barron (Aber) 1906 Greig F
    Farmer's Son- William Bailey (Som) 1906 Sharp
    There is an Alehouse- Asell (Hamp) 1907 Gardiner
    A Grief- Mrs. Goodyear (Hamp) 1907 Gardiner
    There is an Alehouse- Channon (Ham) 1907 Gardiner
    The Alehouse- Mrs. Duncan (Aber) 1907 Grieg K
    Apron Strings Low- T. Jones (Hamp) 1907 Gardiner
    Brisk Young Sailor- S Davidson (Aber) 1907 Greig I
    Apron String Low- Thomas Jones(Hamp) 1907 Guyer
    Brisk Young Sailor- Richards (Glou) 1907 Sharp
    Brisk Young Sailor- Ford/Mrs. Cranstone (Sus) 1908
    There is an Alehouse- Harrington (Hamp) 1908 Guyer
    Brisk Young Sailor- Smithers (Glou) 1908 Sharp MS
    In Halifax Town- David Lyall (Aber) c1908 Duncan
    Brisk Young Sailor- anon (Norfolk)1908 V. Williams
    I Wish, I Wish- H. Rae (Aber) 1908 Greig A
    Student Boy- Wallace (Aber) 1908 Duncan B
    Student Boy- Mrs. Walker (Aber) 1908 Duncan D
    I Wish, I wish- Mrs. Willox (Aber) c1908 Greig L
    There Is a Tavern- Annie Shirer (Aber)1908 Greig M
    Knutsford Town- W. Hill (Hamp) 1908 Gardiner
    Irish Boy- Mr. Thompson (Aber) 1908 Grieg
    Irish Boy- Annie Shirer (Aber) c. 1908 Greig J
    Brisk Young Drummer- Alexander(Hamp) 1908 Gard
    There Is An Ale House- Ash (Som) 1908 Sharp MS
    Brisk Young Sailor- Bayliff (Wes) 1909 Gilchrist
    Apron Strings- Mrs Collinson (Wes) 1909 Gilchrist
    Brisk Young Carter- W. Cole (Hamp) 1909 Gardiner
    Brisk Young Drummer- Alexander (Ham) 1909 Gard
    Apron Low- Charles Benfield (Oxf) 1909 Sharp MS
    Brisk Young Sailor- Bowker (Lanc) 1909 Gilchrist
    British Young Waterman- Hollingsworth (Essex) 1911
    I Wish I Wish- Jones (Heref) c.1910 V. Williams
    Brisk Young Soldier- Robert Feast (Ely) 1911 Sharp
    A Sailor Bold- Mrs. Joiner (Herts) 1914 Broadwood
    Apron Low- George Barrett (Wilt) 1916 A. Williams
    There is a Tavern- Mrs Lee (Wilt) 1916 A. Williams
    Betsy Williams- K. Williams (Glou) 1921 Sharp
    Down Jewry Lane- W. Gill (Glou) 1924 Collinson
    The Soldier's Love- Fred Cottenham (Kent) c.1925
    Isle of Cloy- Hill and Waspe (Suf) 1931 Moeran
    A Maiden Young and Fair- Airman song (UK) 1933
    I Wish I Wish- Mrs. Oliver (Kent) c.1936 Collinson
    Died for Love- Lionel Hall (Faeroe) c.1941 Palmer
    All You Maidens- Army ballad (UK) 1942 Henderson
    In Jersey City- Watts and Teesdale (Lon) 1943
    Miner Came from Work- kixgrix (Wales) c.1945
    The Sailor's Lament- Vern Williams (AU) 1947
    I Wish, I Wish- Cecilia Costello (Birm) 1951 REC
    Foolish Young Girl- Jean Elvin (Buchan) 1952
    Foolish Young Girl- Willie Mathieson (Aber) 1952
    Brave Young Sailor- A Davies (Glou) 1954 Collinson
    A Man Came Home- Sheila Stewart (Aber) 1954
    A Maiden's Prayer- Duffems (Shef) c. 1955
    A Student Boy- Norman Kennedy (Aber) 1958 REC
    Maiden's Prayer- Harry Cavanagh (AU) c. 1959
    There is an Alehouse- Tom Willett (Sus) 1960 REC
    Died for Love- Tom Willett (Sus) 1960 REC
    The Irish Boy-Joan Cron (Wigton) c.1962 Martin
    Blind Beetles- Caroline Hughes (Dors) 1963 REC
    Sailor Coming Home- Lower Mess Deck (UK) 1966
    Bold Fisherman Courted Me- L. Brazil (Glou) 1967
    A Miner Coming Home- Rugby song (UK) 1968
    A Sailor's Leave- Georgiansilver (UK) 1970s
    Maiden's Prayer- Doreen Cross (York) 1974
    Died for Love- Army song (UK) 1975 Kennedy
    Sailor Boy- Tony Ballinger (Glos) 1977 Davies
    Died for Love- Freda Black (Som) 2012 REC