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22-Jan-17 - 12:09 AM
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There is a story they tell in the border lands, where Mexico joins American Counties of various diversity and intolerence.
Yes Barak Obama is retired, at least they Air Forced 1 him out of town. There hasn't been a powerfully eloquent orator anything like him in 4 generations. Everyday when Fracking quakes tremble and shudder the earth beneath our feet like distant thunder there are people who remember Barak building to a thunderous finale. Fewer still remember the actual words like "Our Homes have been lost; jobs shed; businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly; our schools fail too many; and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet. With eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us,
we carry forth that great gift of freedom and deliver it safely to future generations.". What people actually remember is that Barak may have saved their new Camaro, Charger or Chevy Pick Up to get made after 2008. But fewer still believe it if they watch Fox News.

You see, for awhile he was the biggest man in the country and the world but he wasn't the biggest for long. Soon he couldn't get a speck of cooperation, even for things everyone desperately wanted. There were millions who trusted him right next to good ol Abe and God Almighty. Even as a seedling he had the power to bust through asphalt. Everything he pushed for he earned.

He became a lawyer and a remarkable Constitutional scholar who could have stood before the Supreme Court, but never did. Instead he selected 3 Supreme Court nominees. The one and only case he ever argued is missing from any law review, docket or literature. It's too bad because his soul was probably the only one pure enough and scandal free to dare take on the devil himself who always wins even when he loses. This is the way I have heard this story told;

There was a young man named Donald Trump, who lived at the cross roads of Forest Hills Queens. He wasn't a bad kid to start but being sly and crafty got him into trouble for lots of little things like spit balls. The more they'd sting the more fun it was. For 7th grade he was sent to a Military school Cornwall on the Hudson not
for behavior problems but because his dad wanted to toughen him up and get all the silly spiritual beliefs from Mom drummed out of Donald.

It was amazing what a year of hazing can do.
It teaches unswerving total denial, you learn to follow the rules and align yourself with and suck up to authority. Donald wasn't that lucky. While big for his age, in the showers his size only contrasted
his unique 'hand size'` and brought ceaseless teasing from the older boys. It made Donald crawl inside himself. The isolation, not knowing how to make a bed or shine his shoes, 'the new guy' hazing grew worse every day. One desperate night he cried out for help not knowing help could in fact be bought for very little compensation. And boy oh boy did he ever compensate.

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