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Posted By: beardedbruce
24-Jan-17 - 11:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump

I WAS complimenting Chelsea C for being a decent human being, but it seems that is not permitted unless one is a Liberal.

"Typical BB, starting out with a misleading headline"

1. The headline was as complete as most of the Trump ones here.

"Do you expect rational grownups to consider a child fair game to be attacked in the media for political expediency?"

2. No RATIONAL person would think it was OK to attack children- yet I have to judge the posters here by what they post, so I expect some to agree it is ok, as long as the child has non-Liberal ties.

" You only hope to smear liberal voters by making such a suggestion. "

3. Then most posts here about Trump are ONLY to smear Conservative voters.

YOU have no idea what I HOPE.

"Melania and Barron are both along for a bumpy ride in what amounts to a train wreck."

4. The second article I posted concerns the Obama children- whom I have never commented on.

- and

"Pull up your socks, and while you're at it, stop quoting entire stories in the threads. "

-when I post only the link and a summary, I get called out for not presenting the whole story;
-When I post just the link, I get deleted for not making a comment ( although this seems only to apply to me).
- When I post only my comments, I get dumped on for not providing the supporting facts ( although this, too, is only demanded of me, not those who disagree with my posts)

So what the hell do you expect me to do????

Comment , link and story is the best I can do.