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Posted By: robomatic
24-Jan-17 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump

I'll never forget when Rush Limbaugh aired his show on television for the first time, right at the beginning of the first Clinton term. He was portly yet vivid, and was very much the grinning bastard. What I found unforgettable was toward the end of the broadcast he mentioned that the Clintons had been noted for having a cat instead of a dog in the White House, unusual among American Presidential families. He then smiled and noted that indeed the Clintons DID have a dog and up came a big photo of Chelsea.

Rush Limbaugh never made it on TV, I'm not sure if this was the reason. I don't believe he ever apologized either. He's sort of like Trump.