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Posted By: beardedbruce
24-Jan-17 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
Adults in ANY family seem to able to be attacked in the press for their spouses politics- I disagree with this, but that is an opinion.

The children should be out of the discussion- and Trump's were no more paraded than any other ones. Look at past elections.

ANd what were the comments here about that LKecherous bastard Bill Clinton, accused by several women of sexual assault and rape? THAT was ok, but Trumps's objectionable language is reason to impeach?????

Judge Trump by what he DOES, NOT by what YOU think he might do.

Elections have consequences- TRY to remember that the precedents you set now attacking Trump will be fair game the next time ( if ever- IF T keeps his promises, the Dems will never be a significant party again: This is an chance for the Republicans to get the working class and black voters away from the Democratic plantation) there is a liberal President.