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25-Jan-17 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Subject: RE: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Yes pfr I did, and aren't they excellent? Very sinister and scary. Actually some Ivory Coast ethnic traditions have a straw man type of a thing where the body is covered in leaves/straw and the man inside wears a special mask (white in colour actually!!), and he 'becomes' a dangerous spirit.

My husband was delighted with the Straw Bear at Whittlesea, as he could relate to the idea very easily. Being typically African, he was quite scared of it, and seemed to forget it was just a man. He kept his distance, as he didn't want the evil magic to get onto him. I reckon the Witchmen engender the same reaction in me, and this must go back a long, long way into our cultural history. (Long before any 'Minstrelsy' rubbish!)