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Posted By: meself
25-Jan-17 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump
On the contrary, I don't see any value in this thread. We all know that it's wrong for adults to pick on children, and we all know that it happens occasionally. The point here seems to be, "Look! Someone on your side did something bad!"

Having said that - yes, if it were the other way around, someone else might well have started a thread with the point being, "Look! Someone on YOUR side did something bad!"

However, having said THAT - I don't think anyone can deny that there is a tendency on the Right to take pride in heartlessness, which is equated with both mental and physical strength, so that the cruelty of a Rush Limbaugh does not seem out of character with the movement as a whole - perhaps no worse than some of Trump's pronouncements - whereas it is well-known that the 'liberal-left' is made up of bleeding-heart, weak-kneed snowflakes who are scared of guns, so that the distasteful joke this comedian made really does seem an aberration. Taken in isolation, the two jokes certainly have moral equivalency, but in the context of contemporary politics, the implications of one are more profound than those of the other. One is cruel humour in support of and consistent with a heartless survival-of-the-fittest approach to society, the other is cruel humour in support of but INconsistent with a more caring, communal approach to society.