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Posted By: Hali
25-Jan-17 - 11:56 PM
Thread Name: Progressive Majority Creative Network
Subject: Progressive Majority Creative Network

Right before Christmas I got a phone call from Judy Klass in Nashville, who had been given my number by a mutual friend. She asked if I knew of any website for musicians and other performance artists to post political/activist material. I looked on the internet and asked around but couldn't find anything specifically for that, so I decided that I'd better do something about it.

With the help of webmaster Elly Faden, The Progressive Majority Creative Network website is being born. (Judy Klass wanted to make sure that Majority was in the name, as it is an important reminder as to who is really in the majority).

The website will be set up so that performers of all styles will be able to create and manage a page in a WordPress site and keep everyone informed about their activities. They can post links to their own website or if they don't have one, can direct people to their page on this site. Each page will also have a questionnaire for the performers to fill out: letting people know about their activism, if they would participate in rallies and other political gatherings, and other information about them. There will also be an alphabetical listing so that each name can be easily referenced.

We're setting this up in WordPress as it is user friendly and easy for anyone to access and/or act as administrator. Our hope is that people around the country will offer to help out so that we have a lot of administrators and it doesn't burden a few individuals. We will also be setting up a facebook page so you'll be able to link your information there as well.

Any comments, suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated in this early stage of development.

Please fill out this form to be included in our spreadsheet of artists. This is a contact-only form; we will not publish information about you based on your responses here.

The website should be up and running within a month. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at – Thanks, Hali Hammer, Berkeley CA