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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
26-Jan-17 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Subject: RE: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Taking offence.. feeling disgust.. ??????

could someone explain that to me.. what does it feel like...???

is it an emotional response, a bio mechanical trigger...???

just what..???

..Seriously I have never experienced offence or disgust in my life
and wonder what it feels like to wallow self indulgently in it..????

Maybe i have a genetic deficiency; my mother in her 80s, or her mother,
narrow survivors of hitler's bombing raids, had never to my knowledge,
ever took offence or been sanctimonious about anything...

Maybe it's because we are working class
and the family had real serious problems that affect the council estate lower orders to contend with...????/

That must be it, we are just not refined enough to be offended and get up on our high horse..

[we only have bicycles anyway...].....

I must join a church or a border morris side to learn how to be offended...!!!!??? 😜