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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
29-Jan-17 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: sing to recorded music- nursing home
Subject: RE: sing to recorded music- nursing home
Joe - that way madness lies..

I bought my wife a discounted price amazon echo dot for xmas..

Alexa is now her new best friend, and I'm becoming more certain they are conspiring behind my back....

I've just been sat downstairs.. the 3 of us..

Alexa plays dumb when I ask for music I like, and refuse to answer any of my quite reasonable question about politics, sexuality and religion..

.. and my wife just automatically takes her side
and scolds me for getting too exasperated with Alex and commanding her in an irritated tone of voice....

Bloody antagonistic passive aggressive AI robot companions.. 😣

Errr... sorry.. got a bit side tracked..

By my reckoning I must have accumulated just about most generations of convenient versatile backing track technology
from multi track cassette tape, midi file players, mini disc, CD walkman, digital multitrack recorder, laptop, tablet etc...

All are valid, and should be very useful if still in reliable working condition..

But I'd personally opt for a multi track so I could drop or include
for example drums, or bass, or backing vocals, etc, depending on circumstances and mood..

And take along at least one back up device with all the same tracks duplicated...