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Posted By: Jim Carroll
03-Feb-17 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Tom Watson has been involved in opposing BDS - the Israeli link to accusations of antisemitism in The Labour part has been well established.
The accusations first appeared when Corbyn announced his intention to support BDS
They died down and then re-appeared when a delegation led by Tom Watson visited Israel.
They died down again and have now resurfaced, prompted by Tom Watson, as Israel has gone viral on expanding illegal settlements on Palestinian owned land - a coincidence too far.
Until someone produces firm evidence of the type of "antisemitism" Labour is supposed to be involved in and how many people are involved in attacking The Jewish People, these are no more than unfounded allegations by pro-Israeli opponents of BDS and right wing political opponents of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership - they have no foundation whatever.
The fact that Israel regards all criticism of their policy as antisemitic is a clear indicartion of what Labour "antisemitism" is - criticism of the Isreali regime
No definition of the term includes that
Produce your examples of antisemitism and you may have an argument - until you do, you haven't
Why should anybody care about Tom Watson's report if it has no foundation in actual fact?
Jim Carroll