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Posted By: Jim Carroll
03-Feb-17 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Regarding what the report actually says, this is the only mention The Labour Party gets in its actual wording.

"These factors included the conflict in Gaza and Israel in summer 2014; terrorist attacks on Jewish communities in France and Denmark in 2015, and other terrorism in Europe; and in 2016, high profile allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party; a perceived increase in racism and xenophobia following the EU referendum, including an increase in recorded racial and religious hate crime; and regular, high-profile discussion of antisemitism, racism and hate crime in mainstream media, politics and on social media during the year."

The other causes that were actually suggested were The Gaza Conflict, Terrorist attacks in France, Denmark, and elsewhere, an increase following THE BREXIT REFERENDUM and media discussion of hate crimes - all carefully avoided in his crusade to show that it was Labour wot dun it!!
Labour involvement remains unsubstantiated accusations by anti BDS groups and anti Corbynites, prepared to use any mud to have him removed.
Using this report as evidence of Labour party antisemitism is a desperate attempt to denigrate it - utter and complete agenda-driven nonsense.
Jim Carroll