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Posted By: Steve Shaw
03-Feb-17 - 11:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Well, let's see. Reported antisemitic incidents went up considerably last year. So Keith, rabidly anti-Labour, finds a report in the Telegraph, rabidly anti-Labour, and they connive in shamelessy applying that well-known logical fallacy, post hoc ergo proper hoc, to the findings, namely that the attacks are the result of the "antisemitism crisis" in Labour. I notice Keith didn't choose the BBC report instead, which makes a brief, passing reference only to Labour. Oh no, that wouldn't do because it didn't fit Keith's Labour-smearing mission. Neither did he want to quote Jenny Tonge's sharp criticism of the CST, who accused it, rightly in my view, of displaying a perpetual victim mentality and of failing to help real decent Jewish people.

Neither Keith, the Telegraph nor I know why the reported incidence of attacks went up last year, but I should like to put up a few ideas for consideration:

1. If you fish for reports of attacks you'll get more reports.

2. The self-same right-wing media that appeals most to xenophobes, racists and bigots had been obsessed with antisemitism talk for months in their attempt to smear Labour as much as possible.

3. Global terrorism has fuelled anti-Muslim sentiment, which has a polarising effect on communities such as those in north Manchester and London where large populations of Jews and Muslims are found side by side.

4. The long runup to the referendum was replete with anti-foreigner sentiment which was strengthened by lies about the adverse effects outsiders have on the British way of life, "taking us over" sort of thing. Seems to fit very nicely with the abhorrent conspiracy theories about how Jews are taking over...

5. The continuing actions of the Israeli regime in discriminating against Palestinians and stealing land for illegal settlements whips up anti-Jewish sentiment.

Now I don't know to what extent, if any, those or other factors may have contributed to increased reports of attacks. But here's the crux: neither does Keith, neither does Teribus, neither does the CST and neither does the Telegraph. So to focus on the issue within Labour implying that you've found the cause is dishonest and unscientific. By the way, my little list is in no way intended to imply excuses or justification for these attacks. I shouldn't have to say that, but you never know who's waiting to pounce on you round here, as we found yesterday.