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Posted By: Jim Carroll
03-Feb-17 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
"but Labour's anti-Semitism was up there and that makes it relevant to any current discussion about Labour."
No it wasn't Keith - accusations of Labour was up there - no suggestion that the accusations were ever substantiated and certainly no suggestion that Labour antisemitism was in any way a contributory factor to the rise in antisemitism
It is yet another attempt by you to denigrate Labour and, as with all the others it has bounced up and smacked you in the nose.
You know as well as I do that if any substance o the accusations against Labour had in any way featured in the rise of antisemitism it would have featured large in the report.
"Jim, again you post loads of stuff about Watson without telling us how it is relevant!"
Please don't start this again Keith - you put up this reort to denigrate Labout - the only person in the report who makes accusations against Labour is Watson - Watson is Israel's poodle and he almost certainly was the cause of the accusation reaching the proportions it did.
Please do not suggest again that I have not explained why information on Watson is relevant.
The fact that he appeared in your carefully edited piece about the report make any information we have on him relevant to this discussion - you introduced him - not me, and you have used him for a large part of this argument   
He is a right wing, anti Corbynite mouthpiece of the Israeli regime and his dishonest behaviour in Parliament makes him an extremely unreliable source of information - a greedy career politician .
We can safely assume that, although they both feature the report RAISED BY YOU neither Trump not Brexit are going to be responded to by you.
Jim Carroll