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Posted By: Steve Shaw
03-Feb-17 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
"The main identifiable reason given for the increase in 2016 was the apparent lack of concern about "high profile allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour Party"

And who identified this "reason?" Where's the evidence that the allegations led to the increase? There IS no evidence, is there? It's just a supposition to fit the agenda of anti-Labour obsessives. If you have evidence for a link, let's be having it. Both Jim and I have given you plenty of other potential factors that may plausibly be involved. We can't prove any of those either and we haven't tried to. But I'm damn sure you can't prove this one. I suggest that you contemplate whether the distrust of The Other whipped up by the likes of your hero Farage might just have a little to do with it. Can't prove that either but it isn't too easy to dismiss, is it? Dare say you'll try...