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Posted By: Jim Carroll
04-Feb-17 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
£Where's the evidence that the allegations led to the increase"
THere is no evidence - only unfounded accusations.
The report refers only to "allegations" - no evidence
Allegations are not evidence in any civilised court.
These allegations have been generated by a foreign power and taken up by the right wing of he Labour Party who are opposed to Corbyn's leadership - not the slightest bit "strange"
There is evidence that Brexit is part of the rise of antisemitism - that''s cited in the report, but any evidence that points to the "wrong" conclusion is not worthy of discussion to some people.
It's a fairly safe bet that Trump's Trumpeters will add to the problem, but of course, that won't be worth considering either
The greatest threat to the Jewish People today comes from those who implicate them in the crimes of the Israeli regime - as those crimes continue unchecked, the threat will become a reality.
That's not worth discussing either.
Much of this is covered by Keith's repoort - no longer worth discussing either - a definite backfire
Jim Carroll