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Posted By: Jim Carroll
04-Feb-17 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
"Well then Jim apply your self same arguments to you claiming...."
Apart from your infantile use of a continuing use of a typo (seems to be yor comfort blanket) - can we drop the "my claiming" - I "claim" nothing - I put up the findings of the report
Your mate's report links Brexit and Trump with the rise in antisemitism, not me.
You are obviously not going to respond and I doubt if he will, but you, like he, were quick to defend the findings of this report until its implications were pointed out to you.
Of course Brexit was an issue - within days of the announcement racist incidents has rocketed ant there were reports of non-British residents being approached and asked when they were "going home" on the same day.
Trump's racist agenda and his inclusion of an antisemite on his staff is guaranteed to have the same effect.
The persistent practice of the Israeli regime with have the effect of targeting the Jewish People in the same manner, and the fact that he has drawn his support from groups like The Klan and The Tea Party are going to make the U.S. a hotbed of antisemitism, racism and cultural intolerance.
Good days ahead.
Jim Carroll