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Posted By: Steve Gardham
07-Feb-17 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Rolling Sailor (Eliza Carthy)
Subject: RE: Origins: Rolling Sailor (Eliza Carthy)
There seems to be several versions of the 'Collier Lads' variant, all from oral tradition, but Bert Lloyd has had his fingers on most of them. However the fuller versions have 3 stanzas in common with TRS.

Here's the fullest from the singing of Harry Boardman's mother (Lancashire cWWI) as printed in Spin 2. 10 in the 1960s

I'll have a Collier

I went out to get some water,
Get some water for my tea.
Caught my foot and then I stumbled
Collier lad's come kissing me.

My mother said I mustn't have a collier,
It would surely break her heart,
I don't care what my mother tells me
I'll have a collier for my sweetheart.

If you'll leave your collier sweetheart
I'll buy you a guinea gold ring,
You shall have a silver cradle,
For to rock your baby in.

I don't want your silks and satins,
I don't want your guinea gold ring,
I don't want your silver cradle
For to rock my baby in.

Collier lads got gold and silver,
Ferranti's lads get nowt but brass.
And who'd be married to a lad from Ferranti's
When there are plenty of collier lads?

My mother said I could be a lady
If from my collier lad I'd part,
But I'd sooner walk on the bottom of the ocean
Then I'd give up my collier sweetheart.

FWIW IMO this last piece from oral tradition is infinitely superior to all the others.