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Thread Name: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
Subject: RE: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
The above include My Kind of Folk, Grief and Glory, and Degrees of Folk (audio from t.v. series)

Contents as follows
Folder = Low-Fi
Grief And Glory 5 of 6 broadcast between 08/10/1967 - 12/11/1967 - Second series of BBC Songwriting progs
Degrees of Folk TV series hosted by the corries 9 episodes from 1968
Leonard Cohen & Julie Felix items were one offs

Folder= MKF01-20
MKF1        Alex Campbell & Leesiders
MKF2        Dominic Behan & Strawbs
MKF3        Noel Murphy & Panama Limited Jug Band
MKF4        Carolyn Hester & Lynn and Grahame McCarthy
MKF5        Jacquie and Bridie & Jeremy Taylor
MKF6        The Tinkers* & Wally Whyton
        (Folk Group with changeable Lineup only consistent
        member Gerry Fox)
MKF7        Arlo Gutrie & The Strawbs
MKF8        Ian Campbell FG & Leon Rosselson
MKF9        Steve Benbow, Saffron, Sweeneys Men
MKF10        Young Tradition & Stefann Grossman
MKF11        The Four Folk & Dave and Toni Arthur
MKF12        Hedy West, The Halliard & Derek Brimstone
MKF14        Hamish Imlach & The Skerries
MKF15        Redd Sullivan & Martin Windsor with Maureen Kennedy Martin
MKF16        Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem & The Johnstons (Pre Paul Brady)
MKF17        Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
MKF18        Johnny Silvo, Piers Hayman & Sandy Denny
MKF19        Leonard Pearsey, Mary Kent and Tim & Martin Wyndham Read

MKF21        Martin Carthy and Dave Sarbrick, Nadia Cattousse & Bob Davenport
MKF22        The Foggy-Dew-O & Cy Grant
MKF24        Jeremy Taylor & Sidney Carter & Nick Taylor
MKF26        Alex Campbell, The Valley Folk & Derek Sargeant
MKF27        Pat Nelson, The Yettis & Dis Disley
MKF29        Al Stewart, Ron Geesin and Giles, Giles & Fripp
MKF30        The Spinners, Packie Byrne & Lizzie Higgins
MKF31        Dorita Y Pepe, Los Zafiros & Paco Pena
MKF33        Leonard Pearsey, Sinnermen and Sarah & Joy and Jennifer
MKF35        THe Valley Folk, Lea Nicholson & Tim Hart and Maddy Pryor
MKF37        Jackson C Frank and Chris Hardy & The Young Tradition
MKF38        Tom Paxton
MKF39        Archie Fisher, The Humblebums, Barbara Dickson & John McKinnon
MKF40        The Johnstons, Wally Whyton & Wizz Jones

MKF41        The Dubliners
MKF42        The Strawbs, Alan Price & Don Partridge
MKF43        Jake Thackray, Sinnermen and Sarah & Lynn & Grahame McCarthy
MKF44        Johnny Silvo, Maureen Kennedy Martin & Fife Reivers*
        (Fife Reivers were a family group that made a few club appearances
        to showcase son Russell, recorded 1 LP and not be heard of again)
MKF45        Redd Sullivan and Martin Windsor & The Valley Folk
MKF46        Don Partridge & Street Entertainers*
        (There was a Concert at the Albert Hall where
        Don Partridge presented some of London's
        Better known buskers and street entertainers)
MKF49        The Johnstons, Al Stewart & Peggy Seeger
MKF50        Los Paraguayos & Dorita Y Pepe
MKF51        The Islanders, Aly Bain and Mike Whellans & Jean Redpath
MKF52        Alex Campbell etc
MKF53        The Penine Folk
MKF54        Al Stewart, Pete Morgan & John James
MKF56        Jeremy Taylor & Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy
MKF60        Dave and Toni Arthur, Glenside Ceilidh Band & Nic Jones

MKF61        The Settlers, Wally Whyton & Malcolm Price
MKF62        Peter Sarstedt & The Johnstons
MKF63        Ian Campbell, Dis Disley & Harvey Andrews
MFK64        Y Triban & Wolfgang Schmidt
MKF65        Hamish Imlach, The Exiles, Shealagh McDonald & John Martyn
MKF66        Dominic Behan, Christie Moore & Ian and Lorna Campbell(Duo only)
MKF67        The Taverners
MKF68        Gordon Lightfoot Band & Lynn& Grahame McCarthy
MKF69        Pentangle, McCarthy & Swarbrick and Archie Fisher
MKF72        Nigel Denver, Johnny Silvo, The Tinkers & Bobby Campbell
MKF73        Al Stewart
MKF76        Leesiders, Shealagh McDonald & John Pearse
MKF77        Noel Murphy and Shaggis(Davy Johnson), Magna Carta & Tony Rose
MKF78        James Taylor, The Johnstons & Gordon Giltrap
MKF79        The McCalmans, Barbara Dickson & Dick Gaughan
MKF80        The Young Tradition

The Series ended with prog 81 which featured items from earlier editions - not recorded

        Some items from a series presented by Peter Sarstedt
        plus some odd items which may be of interest