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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
18-Feb-17 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
Subject: RE: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
I can think of a whole generation of young singers that should have been nurtured by the folk scene, but weren't.

And the folk establishment is SO bloody smarmy, middle class and offensive.. at major festivals you see them smarming over some young puppy, whose parent played the third yoyo on the 60's folkscene. Totally forgiving their lack of talent, stage presence, instrumental ability, preparedness to perform....and generally pissing away the creative opportunity that should have gone to someone far more dedicated.

If you haven't noticed this. You're blind.

Its the misfortune of the BBC Folk Awards that it represents this unfortunate aspect of the folkscene in many peoples minds.

You can't bring it to court for any of the above....but if you want a brief explanation of why people resent it, perhaps unfairly...there you have it.

Personally I think...thats how things are. that's how it always has been. live with it. a gang of would be toffs. leave 'em to it. theres plenty of the rest of the world for us to live in.