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Posted By: The Sandman
18-Feb-17 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
Subject: RE: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
No, music can evolve without it being commercialised or as you "spin" it saleable,and has done for centuries without the help of commercialisation.
Bach is a case in point, Bach did not want to explore equal temperament for commercial reasons, He wished to use modulation which was not possible using the existing temperaments., for artistic reasons
CCE are another case in point, they were formed because some musicians thought the music was being contaminated so they set out to preserve it,
Ironically, through their competetion system they have caused it to evolve in a manner directed by them, they have discouraged regional styles and encouraged through their marking system a CCE style,but their motives were not commercial.
music will evolve, regardless of commercialisation and does not need commercialisation to help it evolve, that does not mean that commercialisation does not change it, what it means is that commercialisation is not the only thing that causes change in the music.
your argument is a weak one because the way you have expressed yourself suggests that music will only evolve through commercialisation, this is complete poppycock balderdash and nonsense.