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Posted By: The Sandman
19-Feb-17 - 07:29 AM
Thread Name: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
Subject: RE: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
"Your way seems to stifle evolution,"
my way, i have not advocated anything other than I think it is a good thing for the uk folk scene to have more workshops to improve standards at grass roots level how does that stifle evolution?.
I also suggested that these awards be stopped, how does that stifle evolution, music evolves regardless of commercialisation and i have given examples.
musicians wish to explore and break boundaries for artistic reasons, not commercial reasons, again examples have been provided, commercialism by its nature takes music away from its roots,
its quite true I would like to stop that, however I am not in charge.
i dont wish to stifle music evolution, I wish folk music to be given the right sort of financial and musical support and send it in a direction that helps to raise standards, with higher standards more members of the public will treat the music with better respect
.       Classical music is given a lot of financial support and is subsidised to maintain standards, why should folk music be treated differently,
let us look at Ireland, traditional music is heavily subsidised and included in the mainstream media[ without the music being compromised artistically]it is not necessary for the evolvement and encouragement of music for it to be commercialised.
if you use trad music to promote toothpaste, it promotes the music but artistically it lowers its merit, a beautiful song becomes associated with tooth paste, the image is ruined.
there are lots of ways folk music can evolve, the influence of jazz improvisation for example,Commercialisation is not going to do that job music improvisation workshops will do that.
let us look at the jazz world, my relative Nat Peck played with Glenn Miller,Dizzy Gillespie etc, like many jazz musicians he had to   play as a session man for people like Petula Clark, and satisfy his artistic and musical boundaries playing jazz in non commercial bands like francy boland, he talks about how Glenn Miller band improved artistically and musically after Miller died, in this clip.