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Posted By: The Sandman
21-Feb-17 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
Subject: RE: Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 - Nominations
"99% of people who enjoy folk have no experience of organising folk event"
What statistics do you have to back up your statement?
I reckon that there are more people than you think who enjoy folk music who have organised a folk event, but what would I know I have only been going to clubs and festivals since 1967? and of course during that period, 50 years, I have met a lot of organisers, one thing i have noticed is that a significant number of people who are interested in folk music, have also organised folk events. VicSmith has been involved even longer than me, he too is involved in running a festival and ran a folk club for over 40 years possibly longer, it might be nearer phenomenon I have noticed is that this genre of music attracts a lot of people who get active in promoting or organising.
The people who organise these awards, one of them, Robin Garside was a WELL KNOWN performer.