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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
23-Feb-17 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: Quiz: Those we lost 2016
Subject: Quiz: Those we lost 2016
2016 may be remembered for the passing of many famous persons. Here are just a few;
As with any of my quizzes Please do not put answers in the thread! I usually manage to respond to PMs, and will give the (official) answers shortly.
A new departure for me, somehow the questions started arriving as rhyming couplets. Possibly due to the pantomime season.
Several of these may be UK specific (although much of our TV gets exported). There should also be enough about music to keep this 'above the line'.

1, Liver Birds, Butterflies, and Bread. This screenwriter, alas, is dead?
2, Die hard, Robin, Harry Potter. That last one proved he was no rotter?
3, Cards, props, distractions are what he's got. You may like him, but 'not a lot'?
4, The Summer Wine, that wasn't all. Three plaster birds flew up her wall?
5, A major sporting man was he. "Soar like a butterfly, sting like a bee"?
6, One of a pair, and yet more slim. And so we say "Goodnight from him"?
7, Mark Hamill said "Leia", yes indeed. Thousands of pubescent boys agreed?
8, He may not have voted Tory, though, He was clearly one of the Status quo?
9, "When I leave a man, I keep the house". Miss Hungary, and a compulsive spouse?
10, Not the compere of the Good Old Days, eh? But known for a strict one-liner, "Que"?
11, This Solo man has gone to heaven. Not strictly solo, one of 'the seven'?
12, In 'The Producers' he stooped to conquer. But best remembered as Willie Wonka?
13, "Acorn Antiques" is no longer jolly. Sang "Bend me over backwards on a Hostess trolley"?
14, Radio 2 in the morning now is 'pants'. We've lost the singer of "The Floral dance"?
15, The thin white duke, he had his worth. And the man who fell to earth?
16, A revolutionary in a field cap. He sure kept Cuba on the map?
17, Nancy Davies had a go. Encouraging youngsters, "just say no"?
18, This US marine showed his worth. The first American to orbit earth?
19, Pullitzer prize for the written word? Wrote "To kill a mockingbird"?