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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Feb-17 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
Subject: RE: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
These recordings contain some gems of British culture, they are, as far a I am concerned, are Britain's 'Elgin Marbles' and should not be lost because the Beeb no longer have an interest in them - that does not mean I would be happy to see them marketed and exploited.
Pat and I and many of our friends are included in some of those programmes, in each case, we were either paid a pittance or volunteered our services free of charge - the idea that our's and many others' efforts should be lost offends us.
I am extremely grateful to C.J.B. for his efforts in main them public - long may he continue to do so.
By the way C - I'm happy not to remain anonymous on anything you may fave received from me, other than those I have specifically requested to.
Jim Carroll