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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
26-Feb-17 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
Subject: RE: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
I was in a band in the mid 1990s that recorded at an East London Studio.
It was studio policy to wipe and reuse the multitrack tape after each mixdown to a client's master.
Unless the client provided their own expensive tape for their own exclusive recordings,
or at the end of studio tracking sessions decided to keep their multi track recording by replacing the used tape with a new one.

We can judge mass tape wiping by the Beeb and ITV as wrong,
but the practice still endured decades later for business costs reasons.

I also remember walking in a street adjacent to Denmark Street [again mid 90s]
and walking past an an audio production facility that had stacked up many boxes of reel to reel tapes
outside on the pavement by the bin bagss.

Curiosity would have overtaken me, except it was late at night, pissing down,
and too many of the tapes were off their spools and tangled in a filthy wet mess.