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28-Feb-17 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
Subject: RE: Cornucopia of 1960's Brit. Folk
To CJB "But we DO have the films of three of the original Radio Ballads (see YouTube) - sadly showing timecodes. But again what gems?!! "

Thanks for that. I have the film versions of the Radio Ballads. in fact I suspect that the versions on YouTube may have may have come from indirectly from me - the time codes are the giveaway, and the YouTube versions have been split into parts which is a nuisance for those folk trying to view them. It was the timecodes that stopped me dispersing the films more widely.

Maybe I'll have to review my antipathy to YouTube. I obviously have no objection to blackleg copies or pirating ( I do it myself) but I feel YouTube goes a mite too far in this respect   Still, I've just noticed that Part ! of "The Shoals of Herring" has ahd over 20,000 views. Maybe it is a good way of sharing "gems."

I have a number of Philip Donnellan films including his infamous "Gone For A Soldier" I sang in this film and in some of Philip's other work and I knew Philip fairly well through working with him on various projects I'll have to the dig the films out and refresh my brain by viewing them again.

In the meantime, and reverting to the original thread, here is another gem from the 60s ... It's Bert Lloyds Folk Song Virtuoso

oops blu clicky link didn't work. What have I done wrong?

Bert Lloyd FMV