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Posted By: Vashta Nerada
01-Mar-17 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Subject: RE: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Stu is correct, and Teribus has just illustrated the problem. The office should be treated with respect, but the office holder isn't capable of that himself. He's playing with the tools handed to him without understanding how they really work and has already wounded himself in the process. He appears to be playing at being president.

His haphazard approach to moving into the residence of the president, and his apparent lack of connectedness to the People's House as the powerful tool it was designed to be is disturbing. Reports that he hasn't moved in with personal furnishings, that he rattles around fairly empty rooms with only their existing furnishings and watches TV and tweets at night while his family remains in New York City; his expensive weekly trips to the opulent club in Florida where he hosts foreign visitors. Do they really want to see the gilt facade and outsized veneered-MDF venue that is Mar A Lago when they come to the US, or do they want to visit the gem that represents the seat of our power, the White House? Only an over-heated little Scotsman spouting hyperbole would fail to see the the difference.