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Posted By: Jeri
01-Mar-17 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Subject: RE: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Another one of the few Americans in a discussion of American politics...
I was very glad to retire about when GWB was being inaugurated. I didn't like him. Trump, however, scares the living shit out of me. He's the west's answer to Kim Jung Il: unpredictable, egomaniacal, does whatever-the-fuck he wants to do. None of the fear people have now is over the top - it's just the world we're living in.
I respect he office of the President.
Not so much the dickwad that desperate, media-panicked, stupid, self-destructive morons elected, and his own party is too chicken-shit to stand up to, even when they know what he's doing/saying is evil.

...ok, now I feel better. Not much, but hey.