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Posted By: akenaton
02-Mar-17 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Subject: RE: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Teribus is correct. Due to the power of the establishment and their friends in the news and entertainment media any real political systemic change in the US or the UK is all but impossible.
At the moment, the only alternative is to go for peak efficiency in the present system and that involves rejection of most of the inane "liberal" agenda which does so much to make our respective countries uncompetitive and results in the creation of "fake jobs" which are unable to sustain a proper standard of living for normal families.
We must stop relying on "cheap" immigrant labour and make sure that there are jobs available that pay a decent wage to our own young folks.
Wealth creators must be encouraged, and that will not happen by soaking the rich, hence the need for the lowering of tax rates for industrial development.

We just cannot afford to stick with the posturing "liberal" status quo any longer and thankfully, at long last the voting public are beginning to understand that......all over the West.

Bite it and believe it!