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Posted By: Jim Carroll
03-Mar-17 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Subject: RE: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
"I did not say Breivik was "worth listening to","
Yes you did - I put it up and you accepted it
Here it is again - thoughout the thread you blamed multiculturalism and not the motivation of the killer
"Subject: RE: BS: Non-Islamic Terrorist in Norway?
From: akenaton - PM
Date: 24 Jul 11 - 02:42 PM
These are the actions which often occur when a people lose their voice, or are unable to make their feelings known.
Example the use of words like racist, homophobe, bigot here on Mudcat to shut down debate.....and most here are reasonable, intelligent, sane.
How do the less literate come to terms with these problems?
There are great numbers of people in our society and in the US who disagree strongly with the policies of parties which are to all intents and purposes indistiguishable from one another.
For years they have been ramming through poisonous policies against which the ordinary folk have no redress.
Example..a couple of years ago anyone who suggested a cap on immigration here was branded a racist and a this has been accepted by every party as necessary.
We now need to tackle the failed notion of "multiculturalism" along with many other social idiocies.

"I do not "attack" homosexuals, hate homosexuals, or fear homosexuals, my view is that sexual intercourse between males is extremely dangerous and unhealthy and should not be promoted by legislation."
THat's what I said - you target a large number of people who are different to you
THak youu for confirming that so succinctly
Your attitude to the identification tags is what it is - a support of the wearing of "yellow star" type insignia after it had been officially identified and condemned as dangerous to the wearer
"Ann Coulter, one of the most popular authors and commentators on the right of US politics ...worth listening to."
She is a racist supporter of Trump who has suggested publicly the poisoning of his opponents.
Making her "worth listening to" confirms what you are - thanks for that.
"Donal-John is no Fascist!"
Course he isn't - why don't you explain why you defend him?
Your sycophancy is sickening - nice bit of alliteration, even if I say so myself
Finished here Stu
Jim Carroll