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Posted By: Joe Offer
03-Mar-17 - 10:06 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Bonnie Galloway/Bonny Gallowa'
Subject: ADD Version:Bonny Gallowa'
Here are the lyrics from the Jean Redpath album, Frae My Ain Countrie, Folk-Legacy CD-49, 1973

Words: George B. Sproat
Music: George Fred Hornsby

Wha but lo'es the bonny hills?
Wha but lo'es the shinin' rills?
Aye for thee my bosom fills,
Bonny Galiowa'.
Land o' darkly rollin' Dee,
Land o' silv'ry windin' Cree,
Kissed by Solway's foamy sea,
Bonny Gallowa'.

Wreaths o' glory round thee weave,
Gory land o' fearless threave.
Heroes' deeds thy sons achieve,
Bonny Gallowa'.
Aince ye had a king, thine ain,
Wha thy laurels wouldnae stain,
Focht thy foes wi' micht and main,
Bonny Gallowa'.

Wha 'mang Scotia's chiefs can shine?
Heroes o' the Douglas line,
Maxwells, Gordons — a' are thine,
Bonny Gallowa'.
Land o' birk and rowan tree,
Land o' fell and forest free,
Land that's aye sae dear tae me,
Bonny Gallowa'.

Jean Redpath's notes:
There's a wealth of songs at home which tend to be included in Scottish Country Dance waltz selections and records of the "Tartan Treasures" variety so often that one ceases to listen to them. Yet, given an evening of singing and maybe a drink or two, and it's inevitable that these familiar tunes will creep in somewhere in the sentimental hours.
This one is for Geordie.

This is almost the same version Kenny B posted - see above.