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Posted By: Donuel
04-Mar-17 - 02:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
Subject: RE: BS: Press Banned from WH who's next?
The yuge unforeseen new problems are as follows.

Although Sessions is recused, new law specifies only him as the man to choose a special prosecutor.
Democrats will be unhappy with this politically as well as a Republican Congressional Investigation. That leaves, as I have said, an independent Commission which would be as classified as the Warren or 9-11 Commission.

Meanwhile intelligence agencies continue their work along with sleuths, but to be fair there is NO official investigation.

With 48% of Americans becoming displeased that their hero is an accused traitor by fake news, I am guessing a Commission that holds findings classified will be used to soothe worries about insurrection.
Alan Dershowitz agrees with me on this commission route.

In the long long run, while Trump keeps inadvertently implicating himself I bet that lesser scape goats will be sacrificed and the true findings sealed.

As for Trump, he is smart enough to chose the option with no prison time. As Red said (sic.) meet the new President Pense similar to the old President.

Like gillymor said, I am not kidding...but the future is not written in stone.