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Posted By: Ebbie
14-Mar-17 - 02:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
Subject: RE: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
I missed seeing the show. I try to make it a point to see the Westminster show and that other one...

Speaking of working dogs versus the pampered house dogs reminds me of my old miniature poodle, a well-loved dog I had for many years. Mimi was a house dog but wise, loving and alert. My daughter and I have lots of stories about her.

Once I was at my brother's house, out in the paddock behind the barn. He had seen a rat and was dismantling a pile of old lumber where it had holed up. Yankee, his big Catahoula, was eagerly leaping from one side of the pile to the other trying to reach the rodent.

My dog stood by my side watching the excitement interestedly.

Suddenly the rat exited the lumber and dashed straight past my dog. Instantly Mimi's head flashed out and she grabbed the rat by the neck.

She held it until a moment later when my brother's dog bounded over and took the rat. Mimi surrendered it, obviously aware that the rat was the other's prize and that her role was making sure it didn't get away.