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Posted By: Donuel
17-Mar-17 - 08:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Spam
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
Your Microsoft Operating system is about to expire, send us your $ now.

With half a billion user info being hacked at a time there are lots of people to contact. It takes a while to post the info for auction to spam distributors and criminals.

There are sites to buy info ranging from credit card numbers to dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

There are probably a few people who still do not know about the Dark Web. Still the dark web has its good points.

The baseline for depravity used to be at sea level in which the toxic barrels of evil could sink. Today it seems like the moral baseline is the same as the lunar orbit and all of us are far beneath that baseline all the time.

Luckily Mudcat is located on an obscure Hawaiian Island chain that is cloaked in fog much of the time. Mariners whisper rumors about Skill Island in which strange roars sometimes extends into the Great Google shipping channel.