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17-Mar-17 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: My Cape Breton Shore (John Allan Cameron)
Subject: Lyr Add: My Cape Breton Shore
MY CAPE BRETON SHORE - John Allan Cameron

D-G 4X

I(A)left Glencoe on a(D)wing and a prayer,
they were(G)young and wonderous(D)times;
But the(G)spirit of the Celts, I(D)could not(Bm)leave be(A)hind.
Now I(C)close(G)my(D)eyes, every(G)time I feel a(D)lone;
And the(G)sailing ships, and the(D)memor(Bm)ies that(A)take me home.

(G)O, How I(D)long to be(G)in her arms a(D)gain.                           
(G)O ,How I(D)long to see those(Em)waves come rolling(A)in.
(Em)And I will leave her never(A)more,
My(Em)bonnie, my(G)Cape(A)Breton(D)shore. INTRO

Sometimes the bloom of youth can lead your heart astray,
But the miles and the years just wake you up one day.
So close your eyes, every time you fell alone;
And the sailing ships, and the memories that take you home.

D G D G D G Em A

I will leave her never more,
My bonnie, My Cape Breton shore.
And I will leave her never more,
My bonnie, my Cape Breton shore.

D G D G Bm G A D