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Posted By: Senoufou
19-Mar-17 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Spring is here
Subject: RE: BS: Spring is here
Oilseed rape fields are just beginning to come into flower here in Norfolk. The pollen absolutely slays my poor husband, and his eyes and nose are streaming already. It looks as if all the farmers round about have chose rape this year for their main crop. Oh Lord!

Talking of clegs, Norfolk has a rather unusual type that is browner than the normal ones, and their bites make huge lumps the size of ping pong balls come up on my legs. They weep for days, itch like mad and go crusty. I avoid visiting water gardens and anywhere marshy. A colleague years ago was very badly bitten all over her legs, and she was wearing stout denim jeans. It didn't stop the little monsters from getting through the thick material. She had to go to the doctor, as the bites all went septic.
I saw two red admiral butterflies this morning on my tubs of hyacinths. And the field up the road has some darling little lambs.