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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Mar-17 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Referring to very low numbers of a category of crime is not "trivialising" the crime. I've said a number of times now that all hate crime is abhorrent, cloth-ears. The nature of a crime is not the same thing as the numbers of a crime. You ignorantly tried to make rape equivalent to hate crime against Jews by saying that they both affected a tiny proportion of the population. That is a complete misrepresentation, as rape and sexual assault affects hundreds of times more people than hate crime directed at Jews. I point to your deficiencies and you get all defensive. Tough.

The Observer is the world's first Sunday paper, founded in 1791. It joined the Guardian media group two hundred years later. It is an independent newspaper in its own right, with its own style and its own name and its own regular columnists and it has its own editor. It is completely inaccurate to refer to it as the Guardian on Sunday or Sunday's Guardian. Why you dig in like this when you are so blatantly wrong is anyone's guess.