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Posted By: Jim Carroll
20-Mar-17 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
Subject: RE: BS: Uk Labour Party discussion II
"hundreds of pubs all over Britain."
Hundteds - as many as that?
We must have either been turned away from or been told that they didn't serve Travellers, at lest a few hundred pubs in North London alone
It's a crazy argument unless you can back it up with a statement that in each case there were Travellers in the immediate vicinity - neither of you have.
Saying there were no signs on pubs not frequented by Travellers is like putting a "beware of the crocodiles" sign on the banks of the Thames.
No Travellers - no signs - now that makes sense.
The last survey estimated that there are around 50,000 men women and children Travellers on the roads of Britain today - making how many pub users among those?
A drop in the ocean nationally.   
"From my point of view and from Keith's point of view the signs are not common because we do not look for them."
Don't know about you - Keith says I am lying when I say there are; the statements indicate that to be the case and our own experience backs that up entirely
In the vicinity of the Mile End Road in East London, only two pubs would serve Travellers, The White Lion and the Roebuck - all others refused to serve them and most had notices up.
I understand that all that has changes is the nature of the notices (Travellers by appointment only" is common now)
Another trick is to either place the notices over the bar so they cannot be seen from outside, or simply to ignore a suspected Traveller until they give up and go away - that happened to us in Bristol a couple of times, until we worked out that we could get drinks if the Travellers say in another room and Pat or I placed the order.
"the signs are not common because we do not look for the. So we are right."
As meaningless than anything Keith has ever said Dave
All that means is you haven't come across them - I wonder how many Travellers you've come across??
You are right about one thing - I am missing your point - please help me out
Ireland has, up to now, had a far worse human rights record regarding Travellers than Britain (at least it did have up to the time John Major repealed the 1968 Caravan - then the gap narrowed somewhat)
A couple of weeks ago the government here took the first tottering steps to putting things right when it announced that Travellers were now recognised officially as a minority ethnic group - a small step, but at least they fall under the protection of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Even if Britain ever gets around to that, May Blossom has decided to pull Britain out of the Convention which leaves Travellers at the not so tender mercies of inhumane thugs like Dagenham and Brownhills Councils and the police who allow travelers to stay around only when they are 'brown-enveloped' for doing so.
These signs are still common - as you say, if you didn't see them, it's because you didn't look for them
Up to July, if you had told be that there were many thousands of Travellers in the London area, I'd have suggested you sought help.
Within a year we had learned there to be at least 500 families living within five miles of our home
Surprising what you find when you start looking
Jim Carroll