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Posted By: GUEST,Ian Fairclough
20-Mar-17 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: Anyone know of Tom Yates
Subject: RE: Anyone know of Tom Yates
Why haven't I come across this site before?
Playing "Second City Spiritual" for the second time (as I usually do when it comes out of the rack) and thought I'd look for contacts I made years ago when searching for info about Tom: a music journalist 'retired' to Australia, a professor of post (or was it pre) Roman history from New York and a director of a bio-tech firm in Cambridge, UK who sent me a better copy CD than the one I'd sent him.
I first came across Thomas Yates in 1973 when I was 17 and was given a reel-to-reel tape recorder by a brother in law (Japanese, 9 inch, auto reverse not cheap here at the time) and set about filling as many tapes as I could. My other brother in law had some folksy stuff, Pentangle, Fairport, Fotheringay, good stuff but Second City Spiritual ! Different league.
Off to buy the CDs of other recordings I didn't know Tom made.
Ian F