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Posted By: Helen
20-Mar-17 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Best Closing Song for Nursing Home Gigs
Subject: RE: Best Closing Song for Nursing Home Gigs
I'm only halfway through reading this thread, but what Genie said on 16 Oct 02 - 10:30 PM is what I have been thinking about for quite a while.

I've been wondering if any of the seniors have requested Stairway to Heaven which was released in 1971 and is considered a classic. Hate to remind us all of how old we are, but 1971 was 46 years ago. If someone loved that song in their 20's when it first came out, then they would be in their 60's at least, now, and that song has cut through generations over the decades. It has a huge following.

Daisy Bell, We'll Meet Again, etc are not really the songs that most older folks would have listened to.

Having said that, I don't perform at seniors events or anywhere else, but I also love a whole range of music and I especially love songs and tunes from the swing era.

My greatest fear, if I end up in a seniors' home, is that I will get wheeled into a concert, patted on the hand by a well-meaning nurse or attendant and told, "You'll enjoy this lovely music" and then be subjected to music which was out of fashion when my now deceased grandmother was a girl. (She was born in 1901.)

I'll be the disruptive person at the back of the room yelling out, "play Stairway to Heaven".

Which then leads me back to my bright idea of opening an old folkies home, where WE would be the ones playing the music.

I'll find my old thread and put a link in, when I get back home from work.