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Posted By: gnu
21-Mar-17 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
So, the admitting nurse says, "The drugs work very fast. You won't feel a thing." Why did she tell me that? The procedure room nurse says, "This will relax you. You won't feel a thing. Just begin to breath deeply now and after I freeze your throat with this spray, I'll administer the drugs through the shunt. You won't feel a thing." The doc says, "This will only take five minutes and between the spray and the drugs, you won't feel a thing." Then, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I'll see you when it's over." LYIN' BUNCH A FUCKERS! "Just breathe... your doing fine... it's almost over." LYIN' SOB!" Fuck that hurt... over and over and over. Now, I ain't a wimp but here's the deal. Just tell me that you are giving me a saline solution that will, in no way shape or form, relax me or make me not feel any pain. Tell me it's a placebo... a RUSE. I am a big 60 year old hairy-assed man that does not cotton to bullshit. BTW... don't even give it to me. Don't even put in a shunt, FFS! Especially when it's a TRAINEE doing it that can't even follow the admitting papers properly (she was under the supervision of an RN). Don't tell me it's gonna make it so you are "Gonna see me when it's over." Tell me, "This is going to be very uncomfortable and may even be quite painful for about five minutes." That shit I can take like John Fuckin' Wayne biting on a belt without having a belt to bite on. No fuckin' way were there any drugs in that... that was a saline solution mixed with "You won't feel a thing." bullshit.

The pain is almost gone as I have my own pain meds. And, I have no visible cancer. Biopsy results in six weeks as the doc is going on maternity leave. So... it's Vito's pizza again... I need some extreme comfort food that goes with my pain meds. >;-)