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Posted By: DMcG
25-Mar-17 - 06:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Andrew Neil slams jihadist!!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Andrew Neil slams jihadist!!!!!
I don't know, ake. In so far as you can ascribe a 'will' to what is essentially a loose affiliation, the will is already there. As far as we can tell, the capability is not. Individuals acting alone with enough patience to fall off the monitoring are almost impossible to stop; anything like a significant biological or chemical attack requires communication and coordination that potentially exposes it to the security services. All of that could change, naturally, but I think Neil's approach of saying let's get things in perspective is the right one. Horrible and appalling as this is, it is tiny compared to many other things in Britain's past, as Andrew Neil's Luftwaffe comment indicates.