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Posted By: Helen
26-Mar-17 - 01:11 AM
Thread Name: Tech: down (back up now)
Subject: RE: Tech: down
It's a wonderful site. I can't say for sure when I first found it but it must be around 20 years ago, give or take.

I'm using Firefox.

When I go to the dropdown box from here:

Barry Taylor's Tunebook

and hit the link for the Canadian Tunebook it takes me to a page which says that the "Members Webspace has been retired" but I can get the other tunebooks to load.

I just used tne link to the "No Java" Main Page and this is the message which came up, and this may explain why the Contemplator site is not always available.

"The page you are looking for is not available.

    "You are most likely getting this page because I changed the name of a midi file.

    "When webmasters create background music for their site they must not link to the midis here. They must copy the midi file to THEIR server.

    "I pay for a limited number of "hits" to my site and each time someone runs a midi file from here as background music on their page - it counts against MY bandwidth. At least three times a week my site shuts down because it has hit the traffic limit - at times there have been over 800 hits PER DAY from sites who are doing this.

    "The problem is getting worse. I now rename all of the midi file directories periodically. I am spending more time changing the names of midi files than updating the pages. If this continues I will shut down to revamp the site to make this maintenance easier.

"You may also be getting this page because: You may have mistyped a URL"