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Posted By: Steve Shaw
26-Mar-17 - 07:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Andrew Neil slams jihadist!!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Andrew Neil slams jihadist!!!!!
I am from England, I am English and I am a Lancashire lad, among other things. I don't know whether we have the best police force or army in the world becauseI haven't been to all the countries in the world and observed their police and soldiers in action. Rather than digging people out in order to eliminate them, I think we should try to promote tolerance and understanding, be better global neighbours and choose our friends carefully. As I'm not a pacifist I agree that we may have to seek out and kill individuals who mean us harm. But this should be a last-ditch measure and we have to recognise that overly aggressive, preemptive measures might have the same outcome as cutting off the Lernaean Hydra's head