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Posted By: Jim Dixon
27-Mar-17 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: Wanted: Songs for alcoholics!
Subject: Lyr Add: SWEDISH GLUG (Stan Boreson)
Found this parody on YouTube:

(Of course he sings it in a stereotypical Swedish accent, which I have not tried to represent with spelling.)

As recorded by Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg on "Yust Go Country and Western"
Tune: MOUNTAIN DEW (Grandpa Jones)

CHORUS: Oh, they call it that good old Swedish glögg,
Which sometimes we drink from a mug.
Please be a sport and give me a quart
Of that good old Swedish glögg.

Old uncle Knut when he goes on a toot,
He buys him a five-gallon jug.
He takes a little nip and it sends him on a trip.
It's that good old Swedish glögg.

Old uncle Sven he is sure happy when
He does that old chug-a-lug,
But he's sure a disgrace when he falls on his face
Just from drinking that Swedish glögg.

Aunt Ingebrigt likes glögg quite a bit.
She used it for cleaning her rug.
It was two hundred proof and it blew off the roof.
There's such power in Swedish glögg.

[I have kept the title as it appears in the video, but "glögg" is the correct spelling in Swedish, or "gløgg" in Norwegian and Danish. It's mulled wine.]