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Posted By: gnu
29-Mar-17 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Up in the fly infested bog country of Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada, the womenfolk never get to use the drier lint. That's on accounta they gotta stay home and do the laundry whilst the menfolk use the drier lint ta start campfires whilst they chasse pour l'oringal n such eh? Well, them fellahs what can't start a fire with birch bark n twigs eh? Never did understand all this fancy stuff used ta start campfires, me. Drier lint? Gum wrappers and batteries? A baggie filled with water used as a magnifying glass (WTF? Only on You Tube, FFS!) Only once in a thousand times that I couldn't get a fire goin with a match, right? It had poured, POURED, rain for two weeks. I couldn't find a dry piece of anything. MY FELT HAT WAS LEAKING A STREAM OF WATER DOWN ME FACE!!! So, using my extraordinary cunning and backwoods survivalist skills, I got in the back of my Ford F150 with the fibreglass cap on it and fired up my Coleman Stove. I am resourceful, I am.