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Posted By: gnu
01-Apr-17 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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I arrived, as requested, a half hour early. Twas stressful. The perking lot I usually use was closed. I went to the main lot. I entered. There was a car at the gate. The gate was up. The car wasn't moving because the ticket machine wasn't working. Two attendants were fiddling with it. I waited and then saw a car start to enter the lot. I backed up to try to get to the underground lot. Buddy came up behind me and didn't back up. I grew impatient as I had eight minutes to arrive at the appointed time. One of the attendants began to issue handwritten tickets. I arrived with a minute to spare. The doors were closed and the sign said, "CLOSED. PICK UP PHONE <---." No fuckin' phone. A commissionaire asked if I had an appointment. "Yes." "Pick up the phone on the wall at the entrance down the hall on your right." I picked up the phone and the doors opened. Odd that the booking instructions made no mention of this. Odd that water wasn't included in the fast but, when I questioned the booker she said, "Just to be sure, don't drink any liquids during the fast." I asked the tech who made me all gooey... she was also taken aback.

No need to show my Medicare card. Just follow the orange dots on the floor. Apparently, New Brunswick is experiencing a paint shortage. On top of that, apparently, I am the only colour blind person in the fucking world. I just followed the d__s until one set veered off to where I had my mammogram and ultrasound some years back.

About eight people were seated in the waiting area and all I saw were kids colouring books on a table. I used to draw detailed engineering drawings so kids colouring books don't entertain me much. I was pissed. FFS! I was gonna have to wait until all these other people... "Gary Owens." !!!

My appointment was for 10AM. I was outta there at 9:50. The referral from my GP was made in early August so I marvel at the speed. When she said, "That's it, you're done." I ask, with a laugh, "What's the score?" (Irish charm, eh?) She said, "You passed." Of course, she can't really "say" anything. We'll see what the doc says on Wednesday. And, we'll see what he says about the last 'oscopy'. The service might seem slow to some but it's affordable.

There. This oughta get Mom from the bottom of the pile.