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Posted By: gnu
02-Apr-17 - 01:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I have a form of OCD... Obsessive Cooking Disorder. Today's 'recipe' is under construction on-the-fly. I always cut-and-paste from the last one (it was a cross rib beef roast). One might ask, "Yer 60 effin' years old and you can't just eyeball 'em?" No. The beef sold here has changed in the past several years. And I don't just mean that the prices have tripled. The quality and consistency have as well, thereby requiring me to become fastidious in my culinary endeavours. Indeed, I have had to branch out in my choice of cuts due to the increase in prices, cheap old bastard that I am. I fondly recall just buying a bone-in blade roast and cooking it 'by eye' (That there? An hour and fifty minutes at 350.) without caring about the outcome because it was ALways delicious.

170326 Cross rib 1.1kg about 3" thick, See pictures 170326
Frozen, on counter 1200, fridge 1600, two days in fridge (note blood in pics)
1130 out of fridge, on tray with plastic on
1250 on plate, colder side up, between stove and counter, gather veggies
1350 oven at 325 (1553 actual time – 1403 oven at temp)
1400 wash roast and ready for oven (more blood on plate... a fair bit, actually)
1415 roast in
1435 cover
1500 chop veggies, pot on simmer
1530 veggies on high
1545 out and take the temp 152, back in at 1548, out 1558, temp at 140??? (that was fuckin useless)
1600 cut roast, overdone... next time, just take it out and leave it